Welcome to the Chambers…

Amazing Chambers Singapura offers an immersive and interactive lifestyle experience via the use of escape room technology designed for specially curated themes focusing on Singapore’s ancient history & culture.

You will literally assume the character of the lead protagonist (or in some themes – a detective) bringing you back to the respective era to unravel history in your journey.

This provides a much more fulfilling experience for teams to bond and to learn history in an engaging, entertaining & interactive environment.

We love it. We know you will too.

We bring together a selection of incredible themes to choose from. Be it the historic theme of Sang Nila Utama (the founder of Temasek) or Sisters Island (the mystical islands that emerged after a storm), you will be thrilled to know that each theme comes with special effects & scenes, in a truly unique and exciting experience.

Have a great time here and we wish you lots of fun in your visit here!