Uncover The Truth of Badang the Magnificent at Amazing Chambers Escape Room in Singapore!

Amazing Chambers Escape Room in Singapore Presents:

Badang the Magnificent


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Amazing Chambers Escape Room Storyline:

If you ever had the chance to have a superpower, what would it be? 

Step into this vortex and travel back in time to meet Badang the Magnificent who was blessed with superhuman strength. It was said that he gained his immense strength after he devoured something from a mythical creature. Badang soon gained popularity as he began to defeat many strong men in competitions and was summoned to the court of the King of Singapura, Sri Rama Wira Kerma.

In one of these competitions, Badang was said to have picked up a large smooth rock from on top of a hill and flung it so far away that it landed at the mouth of the Singapore River. The rock came to be known as the Singapura stone.

Your quest? Enter the portal and time travel to the court where Badang was invited to stay in and you only have 1 hour to uncover the truth before the portal closes.

Max Pax: 12

Difficulty: 3.5/5

Age Limit: Although this is a fun activity for kids, kids below 12 years old have to be accompanied by at least 1 paying adult

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